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Obstetric care is fully reimbursed by all Dutch health insurance. If certain costs are not reimbursed, we will discuss this with you.
Our practice has a contract with all Dutch health insurances, so we claim directly from the insurer. You will therefore not receive an invoice from us.

If you have a foreign insurance policy, you will receive the invoice by post after childbirth. We kindly request you to pay the bill directly to us and then claim the medical care with your insurance. For a easy settlement of the claims, we request that you to inform us about any changes of your insurance as soon as possible.

We would also like to point out that if you are unable to attend your appointment, we urgently request you to notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise we are unfortunately forced to charge you for the consultation.

Complaints handling

If you have complaints about our obstetric care, we encourage you to discuss this with us at first.

If this meeting does not solve the problem, you can contact an independent complaints officer of the Central Bureau of Complaints Management in Healthcare (“Centraal Bureau Klachtenmanagement in de Zorg” (CBKZ).

This can be done on the website:

You can also submit your complaint to the complaints committee of the K.N.O.V. ( “klachtencommissie van de K.N.O.V.”)

You can request the regulations of the complaints committee.
The address is:

K.N.O.V. t.a.v. de klachtencommissie
Postbus 2001
3500 GA Utrecht

Privacy policy

Verloskundigenpraktijk Gestel-Strijp, located at Carmelitessenstraat 4, 5652 EW in Eindhoven, is responsible for the processing of personal data as shown in this privacy statement.

Contact details:
Carmelitessenstraat 4
5652 EW Eindhoven

We, Midwifery Practice Gestel-Strijp, believe that personal data of our clients and visitors of our website, should be treated with the greatest possible care.

In this statement we want to inform you about, among other things, the purpose of the processing of your data, to whom we provide it and how long we keep your data. We also want to explain how you can exercise your rights. The privacy statement is available online and on paper.

Personal data

Midwifery practice Gestel-Strijp limits the collection of your personal data to that what is really necessary. We do not pass on your personal data to other parties, unless this is necessary to provide medical care or when we are legally obliged to do so.

Personal data is not provided by us for marketing purposes.

We take appropriate security measures to protect your personal data and also require this of parties that process your personal data on our behalf.


What is your personal data used for?
  • Registration via the website: when you register via our website, the information you provide in the relevant form will only be used to complete your registration. These contact details will be sent to us at an (unsecured) email address and this email will be deleted after processing. Our website is secured (SSL certificate).
  • Your medical file: in order to provide safe medical care, it is important for us to have knowledge of your medical and obstetric history. When you provide us with medical data, these can be included in your file. This will only be done if we have obtained your explicit permission. We may also want to request medical data from the past. This is of course only done in consultation and we will ask you to sign a consent form for this.
  • Your name and address details:
    -Name, address and place of residence, telephone number and email address: we need these to be able to contact you. During the pregnancy you can receive information from us both by post and by email. You can also receive an appointment reminder via your email address.
    -Insurance details and citizen service number: we need these to be able to claim the care provided by us, with your health insurance, you will not be burdened with these care costs.
    -General practitioner / gynecologist / maternity care ( “kraamzorg” / consultation office ( “consultatie bureau”): during pregnancy it may be necessary to contact these caregivers if you have certain complaints or need medication, or in case of medical problems concerning yourself or the baby. During the intake we ask you whether you agree to communicate with the above mentioned caregiver partners. Naturally, these consultations only take place to improve healthcare. For example, we will always inform your G.P. that we are supervising your pregnancy and what your due date is. After the intake we discuss the details of your medical history with the gynecologist if necessary. This will always be done in consultation with you.
  • Email use: it is possible to ask a question via email. However, our email address is not a secure mail, be aware of this. We therefore advise you to always contact us by telephone. If personal information is emailed by us at your request, or if it is necessary to send personal information to another care provider, we will always do this via the secured Care email (“Zorgmail”). When you receive a Care email, you will always first have to enter a security code before you can read the email.
Processors and third parties

Your personal data can be processed by midwives on behalf of Verloskundigenpraktijk Gestel-Strijp, but also by other persons (such as practice assistant, observer, student midwife). These persons act under the responsibility of Verloskundigenpraktijk Gestel-Strijp and are not allowed to process their own personal data. When they are no longer working in our practice, access to this data is immediately blocked.

When we send you something by post, the envelope will be stamped by the secretaries of Zorgmed, located in our building. We have drawn up a ‘Statement of confidentiality for external employees’ with these secretaries, so the privacy of your address details is guaranteed. In some occasions it is necessary for our accountant or administrator of the website to gain access to certain data. This “Statement of confidentiality for external employees” has also been drawn up with them.

Your personal data will not be provided to other parties, with the exception of the parties as described in this privacy statement.

Your personal data will also be provided to other parties if we are obliged to do so on the basis of the law or a court decision.

Cookies and Google Analytics

We make use of cookies in this website. These ensure that the website works properly and that, for example, your preferred settings are remembered.

We keep statistics on our website, but this is done completely anonymously at all times. We can see which parts of the website you have viewed during this visit. This allows us to adapt our service as much as possible to the surfing behavior of our visitors.

No statistics are kept on parts of the website where your personal data is exchanged


This privacy statement can be changed. It is therefore advisable to regularly consult this privacy statement. The current version of the privacy statement was last modified on 24-05-2018.


Retention period

We keep medical data for a period of fifteen years, in accordance to the Medical Treatment Contracts Act (WGBO).

Your privacy rights:
You have a number of rights based on the General Data Protection Regulation (Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming: hereinafter: AVG).

  • The right to access: The AVG(Article 15) states your right to access to personal data that we process concerning you.
  • The right to rectification and addition: You have the right to change the personal data that we process, if it is incorrect. Article 16 of the AVG.
  • The right to oblivion: Article 17 of the AVG contains the so-called right to oblivion. This right means that in a number of cases we must delete personal data if you request this.
  • The right to restriction of processing: According to Article 18 of the AVG, you have the right to limit the use of your data in certain situations. This can be applicable if the data may be incorrect, if the processing is unlawful, if the data is no longer necessary or if you object to the processing of your personal data.
  • The right to data portability: In the AVG (Article 20) this is called the “right to transfer data”. It means that you have the right to receive the personal data that we have of you. You can also ask us to transfer data directly to another organization.
  • The right to object  to data processing (Article 21). More information can be found on the website of the Dutch Data Protection Authority (“Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens”) about when it is possible to exercise one or more of these rights. If you want to exercise one or more of these rights, you can contact us via our telephone number (040-2511417) or our email address ( Regardless of the above rights, you always have the right to file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority (“Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens”).